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Refinancing Your Motorcycle Loan

Need better options for paying off your bike purchase?

At Vroom Leasing, we ease your buying needs with affordable interest rates. Contact us to get the best refinancing & reloan options available in the market. 

Why Should I Refinance My Bike?

Buying a bike is a financial commitment that requires continual payment until your loan is paid off. With that said, it is only wise to think about how you can lower your costs over the long run. 

If you find that your current loan is too high, & crazy interest rates are eating you alive, or perhaps  paying upfront in full is causing your anxiety, getting a reloan from a trusted lender can resolve your situation.

At Vroom Leasing, we offer better financing options while taking the hassle out of your paperwork. We’re here to ensure that your bike ownership transfer and insurance application processes smoothly.

What Types Of Bike Loans Are There?

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Bank Loan

Traditional lending companies like banks provide motorbike loans under the requirements of a collateral and a valid credit score. Application processing time may take longer than unsecured lending facilities.

Dealer In House Loan

In-House Loan

When you buy a motorcycle from your retailer, an in-house loan plan is readily available. You may realise that the cost of your bike and/or interest rates offered may be higher than bank loans and personal loans.

Vroom Personal Loan

Personal Loan

Taking a personal loan from licensed lenders like Vroom Leasing is most suitable for those looking for instant cash, shorter loan terms and lower interest rates. Application process is also fast, flexible and straightforward.

How To Apply

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Get Your Documents Ready

The only documents you’ll need to provide are your NRIC, Driving License AND Latest 3 Months Payslip / CPF Contribution for you and your guarantor.

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WhatsApp +65 9897 3279

Contact us directly on your interest in applying for a motorcycle loan. Alternatively, you may fill this form and we'll get back to you shortly.

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How Long Will It Take?

Your application will take between 3 to 10 working days for processing and approval. Once approval is confirmed, we will update you accordingly.

We make financing your purchase Easier.

Buying a vehicle should be easy, but everyone has a buying horror story.

Looking at motorcycles is the fun part, but then you have to pick the colour, weave your way through dodgy dealers, fend off the overly friendly sales staff, negotiate the best price, walk away, negotiate again… and then there’s the finance office.

Most people are so exhausted by this point that they end up taking the first finance offer they get, crossing their fingers, and hope they get approved – accruing hits to their credit score along the way.

And then you wait…


You end up paying too much for the bike in the long run. Or, you’re back to square one with an enquiry unanswered and denied.

We've been in your position too.

Because we’ve been through this painful & lengthy process before, we hope you DON’T have to go through the same.

At Vroom Leasing, we’re here to help customers like us fight back on the black-box that is the motorcycle finance process – providing options and transparency in a way that is sorely needed in the industry.

If you’re struggling to decide between lenders, or have any questions about the refinance process or motorcycle loans in general, contact us here!